5 comments on “Checking on the sheep…

  1. Reno is very impressive ! Does the vinegar and water spray help ? I think I will try it because we are raising up a new ram lamb and if that trick works it cold make handling rams a whole lot nicer…..your son is so fortunate to be able to grow up with the sheep and farm life . Kathy Burnson

  2. Really great shots. I love the one of your son with the ewe–the first one. Just so very sweet.

    I have a 7 month old jacob ewe, and it always surprises me to see jacobs that are so sweet and tame. Rachael is a scat brain. She’s one of 4 lambs I have (different breeds) but she has never “tamed” like the others. I handle her at least twice a day and work with her to help her calm down, but when she sees me, it’s a toss up…will she bound away or come to me. She can be eating out of my hand and then suddenly dart away. Just very, very scatty.

    So wish she were calm like yours!

  3. I like the one of Theron and Dolly, love how he has his foot and is posing. Very cute. Looks like the sheep are doing well. Ours are enjoying their breeding season… Didn’t get any raddle this time but sure wish I did! Oh well.. Next season. 😉

  4. Kathy – I have found that a spray of vinegar water in the face works wonders for ram lambs that have lost the respect that they need to stay here 😉 It is a nice tool to have.

    Pamela – Thanks! Trust me – not all of our Jacobs are calm 🙂 I have a few that are quite silly and are sure that death is imminent when we are trying to vaccinate, trim hooves, etc. I do prefer the nice calm, friendly ones though!

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