7 comments on “Off to OFFF!

  1. It was sure great seeing you and spending a bit more time talking. Thanks (I think) for introducing me to Burgerville….enjoyed it so much I had to stop there again on the way home!!

  2. I so want to attend that particular Flock and Fiber Festival…maybe next year !How do you make your horn buttons ? Is is as easy as slicing the horn ? Your booth is nicely organized and eye pleasing !

    The comment about the lady asking if the goat’s milk soap is made of goat’s milk reminds me of the comedian on the ‘Blue Collar Comedy Tour’, didn’t you just want to flash her a “here’s your sign”? KathyB.

  3. I love your sister’s soaps, I’ve bought 6 now and want more. It was good to see you again and what a great show. I was amazed at the amount of fiber talent gathered at this festival. Maybe next year I’ll bring sheep to show. Your last post shows Theron, I can’t believe how big he is getting 🙂

  4. I hated to miss it (AGAIN!) this year, but my pocketbook was happy about it 😉

    The big rat show in Washington was the day before, and I slept in the next morning, then went down to Piccadilly flea market.

  5. What kind of sheep is that huge monster?! He is amazing, looks like a horse! You’ve sure been busy blogging… Tried calling you the other night then went to dinner at the inlaws. I’ll give you a try right now from Simon’s work… 🙂

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