3 comments on “A beautiful sight!

  1. Maybe this is where the term”green with envy” comes from . I am green with envy of your green grass ! Your beautiful , lush, green grass. Ahhhh, I guess I’ll just have to be content with hay. So will my sheep.

    I won’t be showing my sheep any pictures of your grass and what they are missing out on, because I don’t want them to know the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence, or state line. Kathy Burnson

  2. It is beautiful. Don’t you wish we could keep beautiful green grass growning constantly like that all year round. It sure would keep the feed bill down and it just looks pretty. I love the look of a spring pasture with just a couple of trees in it as I’m sure the sheep do.

  3. wow that is awesome Shannon! Congrats on your growth! 😀 Yep, I’m green with envy too… We aren’t quite to that point of being ABLE to keep the animals off the pasture… Still have a lot of cross fencing to do. We do have green grasses, it’s just nubbins right now but with the downsizing of our equines, I’m hoping for a little thicker crop come spring. 😉

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