6 comments on “A glorious Sunday morning!

  1. Do I see smiles on your sheep? I’m sure they are thanking you for letting them in with the fresh green grass. Are you going to shear right before lambing this year? If you do it’s so easy to see big bellies and last minute changes in their teats right before they lamb. You don’t have long to go now before your first lambs arrive. 6-8 weeks or so?

  2. Yes, they are definitely smiling and I had to open the gate really fast to keep from being run over 🙂 Yes, we will be shearing before lambing. I guess I need to set that up pretty quickly! Harley is the first one scheduled to lamb and she is due in 8 weeks.

  3. Your grass (and your sheep) are gorgeous! I have one small paddock that is thick and green with oats and turnips. It’ll take about 2 minutes for the sheep to go through it, but it sure is pretty for now.

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