11 comments on “A boy and his lamb…

  1. Such an adorable post! I loved all the pictures. They are such a cute pair. We don’t have any sheep with 4 horns so it always makes me do a double take when I see one. If I could have a friendly one like yours, maybe I’d get one!

  2. cardigancorgis – That is his favorite sweatshirt 🙂

    Michelle – I agree! That is why Reno is probably going to become a wether in the near future. His fleece is a little finer than I like anyways. I wethered another boy at the age of 18 months and he is a lovely fleece wether and ram lamb babysitter. I like my rams to have a little bit of personal space respect, and he definitely doesn’t 😉

  3. Very cute, I was also going to comment on the Cabela’s sweatshirt, I like it! Yep, I’d be making that guy a wether… He’s too nice not to have around and it’s extra neat that Theron gets a buddy like that! 😀

  4. Oh! What a lovely post, and I think you got your Christmas card shot with these pictures. Your son and the ram are showing their affection for each other and joy in being together in these pictures . I am interested in seeing how this relationship develops because I don’t trust rams, but I hope it is a relationship that keeps on !

  5. Aww!

    With the rats, I’ve been breeding less, because with Dea, I’m keeping more pet quality rats, as she falls in love with her ‘own’, and I keep my own! LOL Kids sure can compliment a breeding program, but at least sheep, there isn’t a whole litter of 6+! heehee

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