5 comments on “Poor, Poor Marloe…

  1. Ha! I’ve had a couple of mares looking like that, and they have singles! 😀 I would guess she’s carrying low because she is old… The more babies they have the more their muscles relax and don’t bounce back the way they used to… Sounds very familiar to me. 😉

  2. My word, she has gone a bit pear shaped! But still, she has a certain glow. I can’t wait to see your posts about her babies! Maybe she’s got triplets in there!

  3. I have a ewe that looks like her, Bongo Drums Leah, that is what I call her as she waddles and rolls while walking.I am having mine sheared the week after Christmas…..I am hoping our weather does not dip below freezing for awhile.Otherwise, I will have to get out the heat lamps again. I am looking forward to pictures of your December Lambs!

  4. Hey! Just wanted to show off my new cool “snow” snowing on my blog. Since you’re a “wordpress’er” too, I thought I’d share how to get it here too… If ya feel festive that is. 😉
    Go to your Dashboard, scroll down to Appearance, then Extras, and click the button that says “snow falling.”
    Just thought I’d share – Enjoy! 😀

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