4 comments on “Rain, Sun, Sleet, and Snow…

  1. I would love to send you some of my snow…..the better for sledding in! Sure can’t blame “the girls” for wanting to get back into the warm barn!

  2. Funny about Jonquil, seems my lambs from last year are wild and yours were tame. Weird how that happens. Hopefully my batch due in May will be mellow… I can hope right? Oh, I have a BIG surprise that was born last night… I’ll be posting as soon as I can. All I can say for now is aye yi yi yi yi. 😀 LOL

  3. We have plenty of snow and it is still snowing. It is beautiful outside. Because of the strange weather and the constant below freezing temperatures, I have decided to delay my usual December shearing……no shivering sheep under the heat lamp this year ! Looks like you’re all having fun, and your pictures of the rain look like our usual winters. Merry Christmas to you !

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