9 comments on “A good weekend for felting!

  1. I’m definitely with Paisley. Kylie is with Danica!:) I absolutely LOVE your elk felting….I need to get down there to take some lessons from you!!!

  2. Hmmm… Can you do a red dun, a grulla, and a dark dun running through the forest with mountains in the background? 😉 These are so awesome, I may have to have a personalized one done for me! 😀

  3. Great felt! I know we’re not as cold as you are, but it’s all relative. Still feels cold to me. When I go out in the shop the last few mornings it’s in the low 40’s inside. I turn on a heater and go away for a few hours.

  4. There is nothing more wonderful than spending the cold winter days INSIDE with loved ones, and being able to keep busy doing things we love.
    Your felting is beautiful and you have inspired me ! Enjoy this time with your son and his trains..and stay in your jammies while you felt up your fiber art, I want to see pictures as your felting progresses. Please ?

  5. Hey, in case you ran out of things to blog about… 🙂 I tagged you for the “Sixth Picture” tag. Come on over and see what it’s all about. 😀

  6. One more thing… I think I found a new WordPress theme that looks like you. I think it’s on the 5th page and it’s name is “Toni.” It reminded me of you I think because it’s blue… You seem to like blue a lot. 😉

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