2 comments on “The rest of the chickens…

  1. Pretty girls! I suspect that the sort of frizzled one is a cochin – looks like a barred rock cochin cross or something like that. She’s unusual because her feathers don’t curl outwards like a frizzle, but they’re not smooth either. Henny Penny has nice lacing – looks like she could have some partridge rock in her, and maybe some Easter Egger because she appears to have small muffs. The whole group picture shows a reddish one on the bottom left who might have Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire Red in her. The smooth feathered one in the back looks like a barred rock or Dominique cross, and the light colored one on the right might be another Easter Egger cross. Hard to tell from that angle.

  2. I love eclectic flocks of chickens! I don’t know how some people only have one breed of chicken! I’m like a kid in the candy store when I go to the co-op and see all the different breeds of chicks!!:) You have some lovely girls there.

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