7 comments on “Big bellies and a mystery solved

  1. Don’t you just love it when the sheep start kicking up their heels and running and jumping for joy? My ewes have big bellies and a few are a little jiggly around the shoulders and thighs, might have over fed them alfalfa this winter. But they were kicking up their heels today…all of my sheep were.

  2. Well, the chicken got me! He sure does have some hen characteristics, but maybe those will go away with time. His neck and saddle hackles should start to come in really pointy soon. I just love the pictures of the sheep and Magoo. Such fun for them! It is so cold here, I think all of mine are on strike. No running or jumping until I turn up the heat!

  3. Wonderful pictures! I cant wait to see the babies. No kicking up here for any sheep in the area, going down below 0 here tonight, darn cold! My chickens are only giving me 1 egg a day. I cant wait until the spring.

  4. Thanks Shannon, they are just beautiful. I think that will cure my big sheep bellie fix for now. I get mine sheared this weekend so I can see how big my girls bellies are getting. I’m glad you got your he/she chicken question answered, it didn’t take very long….Let us know when your lambs arrive

  5. It sure is nice to have shorn ewes isn’t it? I can see why you would like to do that, it is so obvious that they’re going to pop soon. I won’t be shearing mine in the winter until they have their own barn and not some stalls in the horse barn. They can’t get in there during the day unless I put them in there.

  6. Those lovely big sheep bellies are great, but the pics of Magoo kicking up his heels cracked me up!! 🙂

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