4 comments on “A very fun mail day!

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to quess what micron range your fibers are in so testing is surely the best way. I got my sheep sheared last night so I will be sending some samples in soon. I have read that 30 microns or less is appropriate for next to the skin garments and the other ranges are good for outer wear.

    I have seen where you can get the colored felt sheets and take a fine dog brush and brush them into roving to needle felt with.

    Come on lambies!!!

  2. When I had a bunch of my sheep micron tested, I was surprised by some of the results, too. I would sworn that Spahr Farm Lorraine was one of my finer fleeced girls, but she tested at 31.9. The HANDLE was wonderful and the sweater I made from her fleece is soft and not at all scratchy. I happen to be wearing it at the moment 🙂

  3. What fun! I would love to do micron testing on my sheep this spring. I suppose they only do it for Texas sheep? I could do the angora goats too.

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