12 comments on “Progress and Ramsey’s Felted Friends

  1. I ADORE that paiting your brother did! What an awesome card that would make… You have SUCH a talented family! And the shelving is awesome… You are well on your way! Again, sure wish I lived closer. 🙂 Great job on your feltings, they are so cute.

  2. Hey Shannon…do you ever sleep! Personally, as cute as he is…I bet Ramsey would rather you spend your time making him more ewes then Shetland rams! Very fun seeing you and Theron this weekend. Save me some note cards!

  3. LOOOVE the KEY”EWE”T painting! Put me on the print list!! (unless you are going really exclusive and waaay expensive-then put me on the note-card list)

    I am GREEEN over that studio! the room oozes creativity and SPACE! very nice!

  4. My goodness, girl, you are amazingly talented. When I first scrolled by the birds, I thought you’d slipped in photos of the real thing. Love the idea of making cards of Bren’s painting(s). Kev’s doing a great job on your cottage. What a fab place; can’t wait to get to see it.

  5. Thank you for all of the nice comments! This would never be happening without the support that I have received! We are definitely not going exclusive with the prints. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the ‘Modest Sheep’. I talked to a printing company today and will have more details in the very near future…

  6. Seriously–do you sleep? Does anyone in your family sleep? Or do y’all just stay up all night painting, woodworking, felting and canning food? You’re like the Partridge family, except instead of singing and playing instruments, you all craft things!

    The shop looks fabulous!

  7. I can’t wait for the Cardigan felted sculptures! Eeee! These are all just too adorable!

    My Gramma was a felter, and I have all her supplies packed away. Maybe someday I’ll have to take one of your classes, to learn felt sculpting myself 🙂

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