7 comments on “The flood gates have opened…

  1. OMG they are so cute…..they are just so darn adorable in their lambie jammies!!!!! I gotta break mine out but hopefully it will be mild and balmy when I start Feb 10th. Keep those pictures coming…maybe a cute little boy would add a nice touch?!

  2. Congrats Shannon! Who is Sahara’s lamb’s papa? She has some crazy markings! Very fun! Looking forward to seeing the rest… Sure would be nice if you had a bunch of ewes this year to counter-act last year’s ram lamb craze. 😉

  3. What beautiful pictures of the lambs.I just found your website and it’s great. My ewe just lambed on the 4th of Feb.We got a 15 ewe(suffolk) lamb. I’m still waiting on another. 2 ewe’s and 1 ram have kept me busy. Hopeing for the husband to get my barn done this spring. I really like the jacob lambs.Good work.

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