7 comments on “Meet Smudge!

  1. Smudge, AKA, Magoo, is so cute ! We have no lambs yet ( to my surprise )and your pictures make me so excited. Don’t you just get that all over warm and fuzzy feeling when viewing healthy lambs as they frolic and jump around just for the joy of it ? Congratulations on a great looking baby flock!

  2. He is so ADORABLE Shannon! I love his name too… Perfect! And you know how I am kinda partial to those “not-so-perfectly-marked” sheep. They’re just special… After-all, the Jacobs wouldn’t be as fun without them. 😀 I hope his wool is good enough to keep him around… Hey, get Theron to tame him down for you. He seems pretty good at that! 😉

  3. The pictures of towering Magoo and little bitty Smudge are so cute and Liberty looks like she’s ready to turn and run from him. I agree,Smudge is the perfect name for him, and you will probably find a great fiber home for him.

  4. I’m glad you all like Smudge 🙂 Yes, he will be banded (castrated) so he can hopefully become somebody’s spinner’s pet or just stay here – look at all of that black fleece!

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