8 comments on “Catching up!

  1. I really like that wreath, and think the colors would be MUCH more fitting here at a Shetland farm than at a Jacob farm! How big is it? Is it for sale? Could the ears be a bit smaller and more up-angled? (Now I’m getting picky!)

  2. Oh man Shannon, that wreath is AWESOME! Really, it is! See, you already have a customer and she’s right, they do look like shetlands. Too cute!

    Congrats on all the lambs… I’m ready to start here in about a week or so too. Looking forward to it. Glad you’ve had this nice weather to have all yours in too. That’s a bonus!

  3. Thanks for posting all the pictures of the lambs. I may not be able to see them run and play, but they still brighten my day. I love the wreath!! Adorable!

  4. Little Create and Breeze just have the sweetest little faces. And
    Imagine is sure a handsome guy.
    I use to worry a lot about my “to do” list but now I just work them in order of priority and figure the rest will get done eventually (not always easy to do).
    The sheep wreath is really cool! You are very creative and talented and would sell a ton of those at O.F.F.F. How about making a Jocob Christmas tree ornament that would be fun and I would buy one or two or…….

  5. Beautiful lambs and the wreath is a wooly delight!We are getting lambs now too, and I can also spend a lot of time outside just watching them.

  6. So many lambs! I love Glory on your website. Pack her up and mail her to Georgia!!!
    What a great sheep wreath. You are so talented. Can’t wait to see the grand opening of your shop.

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