4 comments on “Who needs sleep anyways?

  1. Oh wow! A Spin-in! I am soooo envious! I want to go to a spin-in!! Grumble…

    I can’t wait to see pictures of your lambs. The little one sounds like a sweet one, even though he’s tiny. I’m glad the little girl is doing better. Keep us updated! And get some sleep!

  2. Very nice booth Shannon. Your packaging is really eye catching, so well done! I would love to just sit in there and check out all your loot, very appealing! 😀

    Congrats on all the little lambs. Glad that the little guy made it just fine. Looking forward to seeing pics of everybody!

  3. This event looks like fun ! I hope it was profitable for you also! There you sheep people are, inside and away from home during lambing…who plans these events? Just kidding ( no, lambing )

    Wish I lived closer to some Jacob sheep people, this is where blog land is nice! The lambs are so cute and glad they are healthy.

    I have all singles thus far, 4 ewes and a ram lamb, but all are big too!

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