8 comments on “Running, Romping, Playing, Ghosts and new sheep

  1. Giggle…the picture of Glory looks like a baby llama – what a long neck! The picture of Dancer jumping is amazing. Do all lambs jump that high? Are mine going to stay within their 4 foot fenced in pasture?

  2. They are sooo cute! Lora will be pleased to see that one of the little lambs is named after Snook:) heheheheheheh I sure hope Eva hurries up cause she is late – I Want Lambs!!!

  3. I am proud and honored!!! There is my Snook lamb! You rock…but then we always knew that! Man oh man that is one tiny lamb. Looks good…just a little “minnie me”. I started today….my red katahdin is looking very ready so maybe she will be next.

  4. Too funny! I think the picture of Glory is a little distorted because she doesn’t look that extreme in person 🙂

    No, not all lambs jump that high. Dancer and her brother, Bounden, were born with springs on their feet. I knew she could jump high, but I was shocked to see the picture.

  5. Beautiful lambs, and though she has way too much black, Destiny is my favorite. Very striking . Love the pictures of leaping lambs and the ghost photos….they immediately make me reflect on the passage of time in a lamb’s life….youth fading to adulthood, then fading back to the next spring and lambing again….

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