6 comments on “Lambs, Lambs, Lambs

  1. Lambs, I love em’. You know, I could stand outside my front porch and gaze at lambs…but here I am, smiling at your pictures of lambs!

    I too have the fatties ( ewes) and the ewes who once they start nursing lambs just slim right down. I am over feeding them because I am always concerned in this day and age that some well meaning person will view a skinny ewe and report me to the powers that be….so since I do not have multiple pastures, my fatties will remain fat.But hey, they have no self esteem problems and are very content to fat, sassy, and happy!

  2. Bummer dude! 😉 LOL Okay, that was tacky. Nice looking lambs though! They’re all so handsome and look so mature all of a sudden. I really like your bottle feeders too, those look great! It’ll be nice when Annie can concentrate on feeding the lambs as well, right now she’d rather run with them and force them to sit on her lap. 😀

  3. lovely pictures. any idea of how to wean a ten day old lamb off the feeding tube and get him to suck and swallow from a bottle or cup? the little guy was hypothermic and we barely saved him but I think he’s neurologically damaged and I can’t keep feeding him with the tube forever. Any advice would be appreciated.

  4. Cute, cute, cute! I love them all. I was wondering if you could comment on the appearances of the lambs that I got in my recent blog post. What do you think of them, conformation wise? Do they look good, bad, awful? I mean, all lambs are cute, but looking at them with a critical eye, what do you see? I note that one has the much looser but wavy fleece, while the other is quite tight and has tiny curlicues up by her neck. Which fleece is preferable? Don’t be afraid to be critical – I can take it! I am just learning, so I will know what to look for if I get another one!

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