5 comments on “My new fiber toyol!

  1. Excellent! I got a Louet drum carder from eBay recently at a decent price. I haven’t used it much yet but shearing time is coming fast! I can’t wait to get going with it. I have to send you some more pics of my lambs in response to your email. I’m picking a 3rd one out this weekend when we pick up 2 llamas from the same place, so I will look for another tight coat.

  2. How fun. I got a Clems and Clems from Ebay months ago in great condition but it was missing the belt. I found out they still have replacement parts on line and got one. Now they are starting up their old business again YEA…I would never pay full price for one, they want a fortune for them. Come on over and see my new lilac boys. I’m keeping one of them.

  3. That’s really neat Shannon! I’m looking forward to “meeting” it face to face. 😉

    Flirt is gorgeous! I can see why you’re keeping her… And such a good name. 😀

  4. Love, love, love my drum carder. Now I am looking for an affordable picker…..always another new toy to long for! But I do find my drum carder to be very practical, and it is also pretty..I think!

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