6 comments on “The definition of Garage

  1. You’re suppose to put CARS in them!?!?! No way! I need to tell myself, hubby, and all our tools that… It’d be nice to not always be walking in the rain! haha

    The rain sure is the BIG drawback to this area. I swear whenever I make outdoor plans lately, the weather eats them.

  2. So true! In many parts of the U.S. the garage is where people hang out in good weather and meet and greet neighbors. We too keep our freezer there, our lawn furniture, our bee keeping and wine making equipment, plus numerous fleeces to be skirted, and washed. Why, if it weren’t for all those decorating and real estate shows one would never know a garage was only for cars!

  3. HA! I don’t know what it’s like to live with one… I grew up in a house w/out one (my parents still haven’t put one up though they’re thinking carport… Their house wouldn’t look good w/ a garage). And we don’t have a garage here so I guess I’m missing out on something??? LOL Glad you’re having fun parking inside! 😀
    Let’s see pics of his shop eh? And I need to get pics of Simon’s cabinetry he’s building for his grandma… it’s gorgeous!

  4. Pics–I DEMAND pics–then I can show them to my husband and maybe he’ll get the hint 😉

    BTW–Take a look at my most recent blog post–I know you are gonna LOVE it!

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