5 comments on “Thanks Douglas!

  1. The bag is beautiful, I admired it also. Great job Joan… I have also met some very nice people that own sheep. I think people that love animals are usually good hearted folks that enjoy sharing their experiences and love for them. Your two new ewe lambs are cuties. More in May huh?

  2. Douglas was a bit odd, but I liked him non-the-less… Well, until he started beating up things such as gates. 🙂 He did pass on his pretty blue eyes and his loud markings a lot and also gave us quite a few lilacs!
    You also forget that we actually have a THIRD ram, Raider. I’m excited about him… He’s so handsome!
    Thanks Shannon, it was a nice post and I’m so glad you like the bag! 😀

    PS: Looking forward to seeing Petunia’s babies progress. It’s neat that you have “Dudley’s” twin sister! Does she have blue eyes too?

  3. I, too, have made such wonderful friends since getting in to sheep – Shetlands, in my case, but I don’t think it matters. Like Mary said, “animal people” tend to be good people!

  4. I bought my first Jacob ram, Max, from Patrice in 1994, We’ve been close friends ever since, even though Patrice doesn’t have sheep anymore. Max turned out to be a real terror and didn’t last long, but the friendship has 🙂

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