12 comments on “Sunday Stills – Animals of Husbandry

  1. Wow, that’s different! I’ve never heard of a Nutria! Thanks for sharing and what an odd couple. 😉

  2. Nutria sure get around, don’t they? There are some here in Roy too…but I have never seen one as close as you got to it. Lovely day today, wasn’t it?

  3. Nice pics! Although I’m not sure what I think about the nutria.

    I heard they were brought into Oregon by the farmers for insect control but now they have problems because the animals have no natural predators there.

  4. My two cattle dogs killed a nutria in my backyard of my old house. I had never seen one before then, they are huge! I saw lots of them in Lousiana hanging out with the alligators….

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