5 comments on “A Sunday morning on the farm

  1. Happy Mother’s Day Shannon! I hope you had a great day and Theron and Tony treated you to something nice…Even if it’s a quiet moment to youself. 😉

    Cute new lambs… I still haven’t named any of mine yet and still need to post pictures. So much to do, so little time. 😀

  2. Ducklings look so WEIRD when their feathers start coming in. How many eggs were in the clutch? You know I’m asking because I’m anxiously awaiting the impending arrival of ducklings at my place! 🙂

    Your sheep are so intriguing to me. I’ve never seen this breed before with the two sets of horns! Sheep aren’t real big here in this part of Ohio unless you’re talking the typical black-faced white ones raised for meat. The breeds raised for wool are so much more interesting and beautiful!

  3. Joan – I have been waiting for pictures of your new babies 🙂 Thanks!

    Amy – Two different clutches hatched on the same day. The white nest had 5 eggs in it and 4 hatched and the gray nest had 10 eggs in it and 9 hatched. I have found that with my ducks there are generally 2-3 eggs that don’t hatch, so these hatches were great. I agree that the wool sheep are so pretty and unique.

  4. Eclipse is so pretty, and looks very much like the ewes I bought from Bide-a-wee. Wrangler is a handsome ram!

    I am jealous of all the pasture you have….every time I see an empty pasture or field , lush with grass, I immediately say to myself it needs a flock of Jacob sheep!Your pastures are perfect…sounds and looks like you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  5. Oh those poor wethers!!!!! I can’t imagine who would do such a thing as to tire them out so much:) Hehehehhehehehe

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