8 comments on “Shipping Sheep

  1. Isn’t Ron the guy that helped transport one of my new sheep last year? We are looking for a way to get four or five Shetlands from the same breeder in Woodland, CA up to OR in September. The person who can get them home to MN will be in Klamath Falls for the stockdog trials, so they could be delivered there, or to OFFF and then I could possibly pick them up and take them back down to K Falls. Know of anyone who could bring them up?

  2. Wow, that is some trailer, although his towning vehicle looks to be somewhat outdated. I would have loved to have seen the inside of that trailer close up. Ziegler’s trailer was much different. Glad that your ram arrived in good shape and no broken horns. He is very handsome and it looks like his fleece has tons of luster. I’ll be keeping my eye out for his babies next year. I know you must be sooooo excited to have him, congratulations…

  3. Yippppeee!!! Looks like Eddy had a very sweet ‘ride’ for his big trip to Michigan:) I can’t wait for breeding time with the ‘Georgie Gentleman’!!!!!

  4. I LOVE that trailer! It is funny how I could usually care less for trucks, cars, and trailers, and now that i haul my sheep and my own companion dogs, and sometimes grandchildren too, why, I drool over such trailers! And beautiful Jacob sheep like yours!

    p.s. your son had an especially adoring look in his eyes in that picture…could it be trailer-love?

  5. Congrats on the new boy Shannon. He’s very handsome! Looking foward to what he produces for you next year! 😀 Love the trailer… But then I’m a truck/trailer lover anyway. 😉

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