7 comments on “Working at Starbucks…

  1. I have a feeling you will be getting offers to buy your needle-felting soon. Maybe you should start needle felting coffee cup scenes while you’re there! Could blossom into a new business venture….

  2. Wow–those look really good Shannon! I really love the Dachshund! Could you please NOT make them look so nice so you WON’T have 20+ orders to fulfill so that you WILL have time to make one or two for me 🙂

  3. I like the title of your post… glad I had talked to you earlier about “working at Starbucks,” otherwise I would have been floored. 😉 Looks like it’s working out great for you there! I would have been very embarassed to pull anything out there to work on… it would have taken me a while, and a coffee to get me going. 😉 Funny how shy we can be for no reason. Great job, the are awesome!

  4. I’m not sure how many breeds I’m going to do, most of the breeds that I have done so far are custom orders. The little dog on the green background is a Pequeno Podengo 🙂

    I am getting better about not being embarassed when I drag my felting stuff out 🙂

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