8 comments on “Look who I found…

  1. How cute! She’s a cutie, too!
    Hey, you wanted to give me a blog award but I dont’ know how to get it? This is Kelly at Dreamweaver Alpacas.

  2. Glad you found her, and if they do hatch out I wish you more hens than roosters (unlike what I had when I let my hens hatch out some chicks!). Looks like you did well and had fun at OFFF….I hope to make it next year, if for nothing else, to reminisce. (did you go to Burgerville? I hope you realize how hooked you’ve made me on that place!!) 🙂

  3. I am writing Early Emergent Readers for classroom use. These are short printables that focus on sight words and decoding skills. They are “books” that are used during the first weeks/months a student is learning how to read. The “books” consist of four pages that when photocopied back to back and folded, become an eight-page “book” for beginning readers. Each page has a short phonics section to help the student decode the words, a picture and one or two short sentences on the bottom for the student to read.

    I am writing an emergent reader titled Eggs and would love to use the picture of the hen on her nest. The words above the picture would help the student decode “mom, hen, sits and on”. The words below the picture would say, “The mom is a hen. She sits on the eggs.” The picture would be about two inches in size.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Janet Sidman Ruszkowski

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