4 comments on “Not good…

  1. The split tree reminded me of Jr’s horns. It is nice seeing pictures of old and LIVING rams. I am hoping Goth is with us well into his old age and have been working on ways to house him so he is happy and unable to hurt himself or other rams. He is pretty hard on the trees though.

    Did you find your chicken?

  2. What a tough week after a good weekend! I’m so sorry about the hen; maybe she’s brooding somewhere and will surprise you with fall chicks. (Trying to be positive here.)

    I want to spin something else before starting another 8 oz of white alpaca and am thinking about spinning Wrangler. Don’t have a plan for the yarn, though, so I hesitate to start. What is your favorite weight and ply for Jacob, and what do you most often make with it?

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