6 comments on “Meet Deuce

  1. Oh Shannon, she is sooooo cute. I’m glad you both found one that will be your life friend. I miss having a puppy around. I am researching Corgies right now and am on two breeders lists for a Dalmatian. Enjoy her, she is adorable.

  2. Having 5 Labradors living here I can understand the need for a Lab and the emptiness without one, but really, when your husband has to swim for his own ducks, then you know you NEED a Lab now! What a little sweetheart. I know, I know, all puppies are, but Labs, in my biased opinion, make for the most adorable and agreeable puppies. Congratulations to all of you! ( BTW, have you or your husband ever read any books by Mike Gould? He loves and lives for Labs and seems to come at his training with a heart and manner that reflect that. )

  3. She’s beautiful! Tony had to swim for his ducks? You definitely needed a new Lab. When my fourth Great Dane, Rima, died at age 12, it took a while before I could think about another Great Dane. My life is always happier with a Great Dane in it, even though I still miss the ones that came before Maggie.

  4. She is a cutie! What big shoes she has to fill… You’ll never get another Major but there’s always the new personalities that win you over, in a different way. Glad you found a good little pup for Tony! 😀

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