4 comments on “Sun, Rain, Sun, Rain…

  1. My hubby disked and reseeded (and then drug) the worst sections of two of our three little pastures this fall, too. The one pasture I can use for the sheep didn’t get done; it’s the horses’ sacrifice pasture in the summer and early fall. But it is greening up again, so there should be some sheep grazing out there eventually!

  2. Shannon, Shannon, here you go again giving me a big bad case of pasture envy! Bet your sheep will be happier about new grass than you .

    We get pretty much the same weather and we are loving this fall!

  3. I bet it will look wonderful in about a month or so. What kind of seed did you use to overseed? We like to drag a harrow because it churns up the soil a little and covers the seed at the same time. We also spread lime over it all. I love when the grass is thick and green come spring time. So do the sheep…

  4. I would have loved to disk it or harrow it, but at this point I am just happy the seed is out there 🙂 I can’t believe how green the pastures already are with this weather. I’m hoping that come December/January there will be grass for them to graze. Yes, the sheep will be happy then, but they aren’t very happy that I have them locked off of it right now. We used ryegrass, fescue, white clover, and orchard. A good combination of cool and warm season grasses. The ryegrass has tremendous growth in the winter time here.

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