8 comments on “What’s in a name?

  1. Ha ha! I found my new ram frolicking with the ewes and was surprised to find how he had gotten out to be with them. The sheep are very clever when they want to be, heh? Still, that is a pretty small space for two sheep to use as a door way.

  2. Funny! Looks like I raise some really good “Park Sheep.” BUT – you do have to know that my particular Park Sheep (the ones that spend all day in the yard) are, and have been, from Kenleigh Acres. That’s right! Lilly and her girls think they should be transported to England to grace castle lawns. 😉

    Love the punch line – Queenie’s grandpa being Houdini… LOL!

  3. BTW – Little Miss Queenis is looking great! Glad her horns are growing back in nicely… Pretty lady. Looking forward to watching her grow. How’s her fleece coming in? Still nice?

  4. I thought you were going to make fun of the puppy names I used in my blog! Thank you for not……it will give their new owners more creative freedom! Love how smart your sheep are! And your grass is looking FAB!!!! Tell your hubby he rocks! And you do too!

  5. I figured there was a story behind his name 🙂

    That is funny about Lilly and her girls wanting to be park sheep! Yes, her horns are coming back nicely. Every queen needs to have a nice crown. Her fleece is scrumptious!

    I would never make fun of your puppy names 🙂 I do have some very cute pictures to share – maybe tomorrow!

  6. Heh. Kaylee (my collie) is TOTALLY a party girl, and her ‘brother’ Chase is the most lacking-in-herding-instinct (yet totally darling) colliemonster EVER.

    Coincedentally, the last horse we had at the farm was a MFT named Rebel, and he was a real sweetie. 😛

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