7 comments on “Primitive Charateristics

  1. Great post – thanks for organizing the traits. I sure do agree about liking the diversity and the different looks of the breed. I love my little bitty Macaroon and my great big Kayleigh and get a real kick out seeing the two of them standing together.

  2. I find myself always drawn to the primitive aspects of the breed, which is what attracted me to them in the first place many years ago. However, my less primitive Jacobs give me fleeces I love to spin and weave..yet even their fleeces are primitive in comparison with more modern and “improved” breeds.

    I do prefer the smaller -boned and very hardy primitive Jacobs over all and if forced to make a choice between them and the “improved” Jacobs would choose the very primitive types in a heart beat! Just don’t ever count on them doing well in any sheep shows..Jacob shows included!

    I was surprised to see you compare them to deer, which my primitives have always reminded me of.

  3. Great Post! Interesting point about body condition.

    The pictures really help to show the contrast between the two different body types.

    I love hearing stories about different sheep’s personalities…Reno’s mom sounds like an interesting character.

  4. Good post Shannon, especially with all the discussion flying around. I totally agree with you… love the diversity, however I am attracted to the primitive type too. They are so different to look at compared to the improved types (as well as other breeds).

  5. Our generous breed standard allows us to have several different looks to our sheep which I find interesting. Another aspect of primitive which I have not heard much about is that a primitive sheep should have a fair amount of kemp in the birth fleece that protects them against the elements (which sheds out later on). I have seen this in some of my lambs and by 4 months of age it is usually gone. This has helped them survive through some of the harsher climates they have been exposed to. Fleece should not have crimp in it to be a primitive type (I was recently told by an inspector)but it says nothing in the guidlines about type or crimp??? What’s everyones idea on that topic? Just curious.

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