4 comments on “Unwelcome guests

  1. They are beautiful, even though there are too many. We have one who came to us as a gosling, injured by a dog. It (we don’t know the gender) lives with our ducks and our other goose now, and we call it “Goosle.” It doesn’t seem to attract “friends” which is just as well. Of course, my friends here are forever saying “Hey Claire, aren’t those some of your relatives?” when we see them, but I always point out that a great many Canada geese are actually hatched in the US!

  2. They can sure ‘foul’ up a pasture too…good bye grass, hello bare patches of mud, feces, and coccidiosis….I have read about people training their dogs to chase away the geese.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Shannon!

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