13 comments on “A Felting Challenge!

  1. Sorry Michelle – only one entry per person 🙂 but if Brian wants to play along that would be fun! Let me know.

    Cait, Kathy, Mary, and Claire – Good to have you! With the entries from my Studio blog, we are up to 7 entries – HOW FUN!!!

  2. Oops, I didn’t realize this was something that everyone who wants to gets to do – I thought I was entering for a CHANCE! ha! But Brian WILL probably want to do it when he sees me doing it, so if it is appropriate for an eight-year-old, sign him up, too!

  3. I have a question! I figure I should post it here in case anyone else wants the answer. Are we allowed to use any other materials we want in our project? for example, if I wanted to make it into a Santa sheep (which I do not, but I’m just sayin’), could I use some red fiber that I have to make a felted Santa hat? Or can the fiber component only be from the fiber you sent, and then we can use other materials (such as you suggested with the mobile or props). Just making sure I play by the rules.

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