6 comments on “A good start

  1. Yeaaaaa, lambs. Harley’s girl is adorable and I’m glad she finally had a ewe lamb for you. Her fleece does look very nice. You do have some big girls, I can’t imagine them going to much longer. Congrats to you on your pretty new addition.

  2. Congratulations on a great start! I felt sorry for your girls when you sheared, but must say it would be nice to see their progress that clearly. I haven’t decided when to shear yet; the two ewe lambs will be shorn earlier so I can possibly show them at BSG with fleece, but am still up in the air on the bred ewes. I could definitely do Katie, the new ewe, earlier, because she’s not due until late May. Then I could coat her lovely self to have a clean fleece next year….

  3. Boy that is tempting Lora 🙂

    Linda – Thanks! The thing is her udder is so HUGE that she probably would have enough milk for 5!!! I hope she lambs soon because she can barely walk, lol!

    Michelle – Thanks! I agree about feeling very sorry for my girls when we sheared. I wish I had done it a few weeks later – the weather has been so mild since then. It is hard to decide when to do it!

  4. My ewes are pretty big too, no lambs yet. I am surprised because they were in with the ram from July on, but it is really kind of nice not dealing with new lambs right now. Maybe tonight…..

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