7 comments on “The lamb stealer

  1. Lamb Stealer, sounds like an appropriate name to me, those lamb stealers are so determined and I had one who even after lambing herself thought the other lamb was hers. Beautiful lambs Shannon.

  2. They are all so adorable! I am waiting for our BFL lambs to begin around Feb 16. Our Icelandics and others aren’t due until April/May. It’s waaaay too cold for lambing here, but the BFLs came bred, so we have no choice. We won’t even see the ground for at least another 6 weeks or so – too much snow in the way. Our Jacob ewes from last year are tiny – the same size as our 2 lambs born June 18. But the Jacobs were born in March. I doubt they will ever be full size and as a result, can probably never be bred.

  3. Thanks everyone!

    Terri – With all of your snow it is a good thing your lambs aren’t due for 6 weeks!!!

    Cole – Thanks for stopping by! Have a great time helping out on the farm.

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