13 comments on “Naming theme for 2010 Lambs

  1. Hey, what about Scio? That’s a small and charming town near you, plus a host of other small towns around there with biblical names. I love that area of Oregon and have relatives there. We have visited frequently. Beautiful lambs!

  2. OMG Paisley is cute. She looks like a cute stuffed toy. I was going to go with a theme also but I have written down over 200 names over the past years that I really like so I’ve decided to go with my list instead. And I’m saving the “special” names for the lambs that I will be keeping. I think it’s fun to name lambs.

  3. Paisley is adorable. We have a BFL Paisley. She will be due in April I think. I’m not sure about “Boring” though. Do you really want to name one that? I think it doesn’t bode well for that lamb’s future!!

  4. I happen to love the name Boring… Too funny and would be a good one for a lamb you know is wether quality. 😉 Maybe one with too much white?

    I’ve still not named my lambs – I’m having a hard time this year. I think I need a theme. I’m thinking shoe brands… We’ll see. 😀

  5. I like the city names. One year I named the lambs after cities in the states where the mothers were born.
    Besides the Georgia names, I had Saluda, Raleigh, Waukesha, Durham, Ravenna, Shelby and so on. It was fun going through the atlas to find cities from other states. And there are some very interesting names.

    Shoe brands would be unique!

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