10 comments on “Kate’s new job

  1. OMG I LOVE KATE!! But you already knew that! She rocks! BTW Gyp looks up in the sky when geese pass over honking….maybe she needs to come help! he he he

  2. I especially like the picture of Kate with the lamb, it is a tender moments type of picture, as is the one with your son.

    Wow, how blessed you are to have a dog that goes to work, and enjoys it, right along with you!

  3. I love Kate too! I think we should start a fan club. 😉 I’m very happy for you on your new job! It looks like a lot of fun! 😀

  4. We have a dog that comes to the pond located at my work site every few days for the same job. I think it’s a lab mix but it does a great job. The handler is very good too. Our company cafeteria is next to a pond and we have a patio area, so it’s important to keep the geese away from areas that people are eating. Well, not in these temperatures, but you know what I mean! Last year, we had a Canada goose make her nest in our parking lot below one of the trees. The male was very aggressive and knocked over an employee walking to her car. They had to call in the DNR to move the nest. Yikes!

  5. Borders really are the best! I miss mine, (I lost her almost 3 years ago now) but they take such a lot of time and work and since I work full time now, well, I will just have to get my border collie fixes from good folks like you! Thanks for letting me look over your shoulder at your lovely girl.

  6. I’ll make sure Kate knows that she has a growing fan club 🙂

    Claire – The hope is to move the geese before they start pairing up and nesting. They get VERY aggressive during the nesting season.

    Kim – Sorry to hear that you lost your Border Collie, they are the best! You are welcome and I will continue posting pictures of my girl for you.

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