9 comments on “One of the big boys now

  1. Good idea on the small pen! I haven’t had to put any yearlings in with the big guys, just usually little guys with the big guys and like you said they aren’t threatened by them.

    All your Dudes are looking great and excellent photos too. 🙂

  2. All your boy’s are looking good. I have read that article before and to think what it must have been like is really scarry. I pen mine up for at least 24 hours. If they still act up I pen them up again for another 24 hours. I had to take a ram lamb that was starting to act up and body slam him to the ground, he didn’t try it again and I sold him for meat.

  3. Abraham probably was starting to think he was going to boss ram to the wethers! Glad he made the transition well.
    I’ve read the article you linked. I sure agree with her comments on graining rams!

  4. When we reintroduce the rams after breeding, they are usually penned for 24-48 hours.

    You are absolutely right Linda – he was feeling pretty high and mighty with the wethers 😉

  5. I am always envious of your beautiful pastures! Sometimes I want to move away just for better pasture for my sheep. Sigh~

    Good article and helpful.Rams are always tricky together, and with other sheep and people. Actually, I don’t think they’re tricky, they’re rather straight-forward. But we people need to be tricky in working their nature to somehow enable them to get along on our terms, that’s tricky.The rams are magnificent Shannon.

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