11 comments on “JSBA’s AGM in NJ and PA

  1. I am soooo glad you are home! Thanks for sharing your trip. Can’t wait to see the new boy! Hope you saved a few girls for him as a reward for being on the road! 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing Shannon…wish we could all go…I hope I can make an AGM some year. Next time I am in Eugene area I hope to come see your farm, and if you are ever in Eastern OR
    ( Beautiful Wallowa County!)please feel free to come visit. We have lots of room with the kids gone. We used to live outside of Oakridge OR…but I didn’t have sheep then. I have a new BC pup I am thinking I will work towards sheep trials. I love all the photos on your website.
    Ruby Peak Farms

  3. I’m wondering if Ingrid explained what made your beautiful boy “champion”. I’d like to know what her comments are. I just have so much to learn. Thanks for your post, Shannon!

    • Her comments (from what I can remember) is that she liked his overall look and quality. She made the comment that his fleece was very consistent from front to back – meaning that the character of the fleece is the same at his shoulder as it is at his hip. He has a low britch line, good horns, and good coloring.

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