8 comments on “Anticipation and Excitement!

  1. We have a wide array of colors in our flock 😉 The batts you just spun (which is beautiful by the way) came from Wrangler. He is a charcoal gray when sheared, but is very brown once the wool starts growing out. I made a felted jacket out of one of his daughter’s fleeces and her’s is the same way. Definitely ‘brown’.

  2. those sheep are AMAZING! i love the black and white ‘cow’ colored ones! heeeeeeyyyy… I just read your ‘about us’……..we want to live in Oregon and my hubby is a project manager/estimator…. heeeeeeeyyyyy…….. I have to tell you, you cant beat the growing season here but oh how I miss the cool marine nites….sigh…

  3. Hey OFG – You would love Oregon, it is beauiful!!! Thanks, we love our black and white sheep 🙂 I just read your ‘about me’ and I can’t believe you have 100 poultry!!! Wow!

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