10 comments on “A t-shirt…really?

  1. I can’t wait for Spring! The lambs look great and the rams horns are quite majestic. That was an interesting point about the noses starting out pink and gradually changing to all black. Do you dock tails?

  2. I can’t believe you don’t have lambs yet Josh! Hopefully it warms up a little bit before they get there.
    Chai Chai – Yes, we dock tails. There are a few jacob breeders that don’t dock tails, but in the soggy NW it is a little cleaner with them docked. I personally like the look better too!
    Thanks Joan and Shari!

  3. Oh how fun. I would love to spend a day on your farm during lambing season. How exciting. So cute the little guy wanted boys–I am sure it’s because boys are so much cooler than girls ya know 🙂 They are all beauties.

  4. He definitely thinks boys are ‘way’ cooler than girls 😉

    Sorry about the t-shirt taunt 🙂 Thanks for not holding it against me!

    Ha ha ha Linda 🙂 It is going to be really tough if winter comes back. I think it is easier to handle the cold, nasty weather when it stays that way. We are all going to be sad to see the sun leave.

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