9 comments on “Little Abbey

  1. Glad she’s doing better! I still like bottle lambs because Annie is still entertained by them, but then I didn’t raise bottle lambs like you did either. 🙂

  2. I am enjoying her, but it is amazing to see the difference in growth between her and her sister. I am feeding her Advance Lamb Milk Replacer. She is getting 8 oz., 4 times a day. Most of the time she finishes all 8 oz., but there have been a few feedings that she slows down towards the end. I break up the meals in little spurts in between doing other chores. A little healthier than gulping 8 oz. in one setting. The biggest thing you have to watch is stomach upset. So far she is doing very good!

  3. stop! i’m swooning with cuteness! my golly she’s a doll!

    btw i see grass in that pix. not the icy frozen tundra…. *sighs heavily and looks out onto the ice planet, Hoth*

  4. Abbey looks like a sweet girl with a very nice spotting pattern. I hope she does ok for you. I’m not a fan of bottle feeding either, but sometimes you have no choice! It’s been a couple of years since we’ve had a bottle lamb. I almost hate to say that and jinx myself!

  5. She is beyond words adorable. That little coat and her little face are heart melting. I have to say, I know momma feeding is by far the best but I so love to give them bottles. I guess it quenches that maternal instinct and makes me so happy. I am sure she will catch on quickly though.
    Happy Saturday,

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