11 comments on “A broody hen

  1. No roosters here. I had a BLR rooster, but I am not a rooster ‘noise’ fan 🙂 I would love chicks out of HER too! If I got eggs, I would get BLR eggs for her to sit on. I love this breed!

  2. I just love crazy hens. She is beautiful! I laughed when I saw the rocks–I have a hen that has hatched a lightbulb twice now 🙂 LOL I call her Sunny D-LIght.
    Your chickens are beautiful!

  3. Absolutely love this story – and I have to say, as someone facing fertility issues, this deeply touches my heart. And makes me laugh. Which is a very good combination right now. 🙂 You’re a sweetie for thinking of replacing those rocks with eggs – good luck with her!

  4. That is funny Amy! Thank you!
    I’m glad this story could touch your heart and make you laugh 🙂
    Who did you order your hatching eggs from Josh? I was given a name and will be ordering some hatching eggs over the weekend. She is faithfully sitting on her rocks.
    Love our ‘spring’ green!

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