19 comments on “Lamb updates!

    • a friend of mine has been looking at your lambs for awhile now .. and showed me these last babies and shes the one i picked out .. but i was told about her not being marked right I am glad he loves her 🙂 hehehe she was my favorite 🙂

  1. Are you kidding me!
    Those are the most beautiful lambs I have EVER seen!!
    And that’s saying a lot considering I have a pretty cute one on my patio right now 😀

  2. That first picture of all the lambs running toward you is worthy of a magazine cover. It conveys a feeling of unbridled joy and young energy and enthusiasm! That Merlin has a to-die-for pixie looking face with wonderful budding horns.

    • Thanks Chai Chai. I think I am going to submit that picture to Sheep! magazine! Merlin is one that I am watching and will hopefully mature into a handsome ram and stay here. Crossing my fingers for the horns to come in nicely.

  3. This post is winning the all time highest cute factor. That picture of all those little black and white babies running down that hill stole my heart. You have the cutest little lambs. So great that your son is involved and learning how to take care of them too. That’s what farm life is all about to me 🙂
    Thanks for linking up with FF Friday too!

  4. Great photos, Shannon. I, too, love that first one of all the lambs running. Great candidate for next year’s JSBA calendar! Seeing all those lambs is getting me ready for Robin’s lambs – coming soon!

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