33 comments on “How many lambs…A little contest!

  1. Oops. I was counting by photos and ended up with five sets of twins and a single. But I see now that the last two photos are of the same (very pregnant) ewe. That means I guess nine as well.

  2. OK this is fun, since I have no history on these ewes…my guess is 11
    Sahara 3
    Jonquil 2
    Star 2
    Amber 2
    Veronica 2
    Hope I win:) and good luck.

  3. 10. Star will single and Veronica will have triplets. They are all beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing the babies!

  4. Veronica is hilarious! I’m still so shocked that our Debbie had 3 kids that I’m going to gues…. 143 lambs. Hee hee… file it under “anything could happen”
    Happy Monday!

  5. Well, as a new reader and first-time poster, I’ll let everyone else support the betting pool. After having 29 lambs, 1 kid and 2 calves hit the ground in the last 18 days here, I’m not making even an educated guess on your outcome! But I do wish you well. You have some beautifully-uddered moms-in-waiting there.

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