6 comments on “A little teaser…

  1. I was thinking your first lambs should be getting pretty big by now! Amazing what a difference a month or two can make. Was that Merlin? He’s a cutie… And poor Veronica, she looks amazingly huge! Oh, and I love Amber’s new head-dress… Serenity would be proud to see her mama that way. 😉

  2. Wow – your poor sheep look ready to explode! Happy lambing season to you – I hope it goes smoothly, with lots of adorable little puffmuffins at the end. Good luck with the contest – I won’t even try to hazard a guess (it’s hard being an amateur! :-D). Thanks for sharing the cute pictures! And definitely give some bonus points for Mom’s fabulous hat. 😉

  3. Morning…looking at your hay feeder in the picture, and wondering if you get horns stuck in them very often? Good luck with lambing I am still about 3 1/2 week off.

    • No, we haven’t had anybody stuck in these feeders. We only use them during lambing season though. I use them in the lambing jugs and in the front part of our barn where the pregnant girls are. Thanks! Would love to see your lambs when they start arriving!

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