14 comments on “The answer is 11!

  1. Shannon, Dr H the cow dr who came when Maggie the cow was sick at Christmas, told me the water hemlock that I know will kill sheep and goats will also cause birth defects and dwarfisms. Hence the problems I have had in the past here. He said if they ingest it at 2o to 60 days of gestation there will be problems. I will certainly be glad when we do not have to deal with that, there is a lot of it here and it takes some nasty chemicals and perfect timing to get rid of it. Coleen

  2. Well, shoot. I should have stuck with my first guess, even if it was based on the wrong number of ewes! Congrats on so many, though. Triplets aren’t common in Jacobs, are they? That is a LOT of lamb! Makes me a bit more hopeful that at least one of my girls MAY be carrying twins….

  3. Lovely lambs – all of them! I’m living vicariously through others’ lambs this year since I won’t be having any. Jasmine is my favourite! She’s gorgeous!

  4. Congratulations…why am I never right about how many lambs I am going to have? So sorry about the little ewe lamb…the hardest part of sheparding in my humble opinon.

  5. They are all adorable in every way. I bet it is educational. So, when you came back to all those babies an 3 mommas–were you pretty certain that the lambs they had belonged to them? I assume that is how it works but just curious.
    So sorry about the little one you had to put down. I know that has to be hard. Interested to find out about the plant and how that happened. Looks like a great lambing season at Kenleigh Acres 🙂
    Thank you for linking to FFF!!

    • No, the mommas and babies weren’t matched up correctly 🙂 They were all very mixed up and babies were nursing off anybody that would let them! Amber’s lambs were the smallest and easy to match up, I knew the dark one belonged to Sahara and the biggest one had to be hers as well, that left the three medium sized ones for Veronica. It was kind of crazy 😉 It was very hard, but knew it was the right thing to do. Thank you and thank you for hosting Farm Friend Friday, it has been very fun!

  6. I’m so glad you joined farm friend Friday so I could find you!
    I love the Jacobs,the lambs are adorable!!
    I will be back for more reading 🙂

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