8 comments on “Fun for all!

  1. What a great family outing!!! Riding is so much fun,makes me wish I still had my horses. The Jack Russel and the Donkey are so cute!!!!

  2. those are some action shots! wow! love the dog pix! but your little boy is the star of this post. yay!

    and i just cant hold thing one in… “hey you horse! why the long face?”

    oh golly thats my favorite joke.. aside from the cheese cutting. of course.

  3. Ahhhh…LOVE the pics of your whole family on horseback! 🙂 Sounds like your son was a natural….do I see a horse in your barn in the future? 🙂 Love the JRT and donkey pics too!

  4. Awesome day for sure! Glad you all got to ride, and glad the ol’ stick in the mud did too. Thank goodness Theron spoke up! 😉 That jack russell is hilarious! And his name is great. 🙂

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