11 comments on “Moving the boys

  1. What a great post, so much to like. Hard working Border Collie, lush green pasture grass, and handsome ram lambs, what more could one ask for?

  2. I can’t believe how big they are already! And look at those horns! You are lucky to have a dog that knows what to do. Did you train her yourself? I love the ram in the last pic, just gorgeous!

    • It always amazes me how fast they grow! I am very lucky to have Kate. She is an amazing dog with a lot of natural talent. I did most of the training myself. The ram in the last picture is Ringo, he came from Kentucky last year. I LOVE how he is maturing.

  3. Kate ROCKS!!!! Moving fresh weaner lambs is one of the hardest things our dogs can do…..and look at her….she was fabulous! Atta GIRL!

  4. Shannon, I really admire the way you get the work done AND catch the action with your camera at the same time! Your stories are always interesting and instructive. When we get our new place (soon!) I’ll probably be reviewing yours and Robin’s posts to see how the pros move their sheep around!

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