6 comments on “One big happy family…

  1. Wow; SEVEN breeding groups?!? Although, considering how few ewes I have, the fact that I will have THREE breed groups (more like breeding PAIRS) is pretty ridiculous. I’m aiming for putting them together around the first of October; I’d better get busy preparing!

    • Yeah, 7 breeding groups sounded like a good idea! I know I will be happy when the lambs start arriving, but chores took a REALLY long time! My friend and I have joked about breeding pairs before 😉 Are you using CDRS again?

  2. Shannon question on tying up the rams, how do they get use to each other while being tied and how do they establish pecking order. Once you let them go dont they start head bashing?

    • Good questions Peg…I read about tying the rams up somewhere a few years ago and have been doing it since with good success, I don’t know ‘why’ it works. My guess is that they are rubbing their smells on each other while tied up and they are so tired of being tied up that they are more focused on eating and drinking than fighting. We are also careful with our ram pairings. We try to put a mature ram with a couple younger rams or a very dominant ram with a couple rams that really don’t need to be top dog. There is usually a little scuffling, but if things get too serious we take them back and tie them up for another day. We turned the 3 boys out tonight and they are peacefully eating together tonight. It is always a tense moment when we take the halters off.

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